Join us as we take a look behind the curtains of Upswing Pokerthe poker training website Doug Polk recently launched with friends and fellow professional poker players Ryan Fee and Matt Colletta, and offer our comprehensive Postflop Game Plan review.

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Having consumed an embarrassing amount of Doug Polk content via his popular Twitch stream, we knew the strategy content would be strong – after all, we are talking about arguably the best Heads-Up No Limit player of all time, but how would Doug approach creating more serious content than most of his YouTube fans are used to seeing? Would replacing Good-Time Doug with Professor Polk be a smooth transition or would it ultimately be more jarring then when they recast the role of the Oracle in The Matrix?

Because when it comes to poker strategy videos, “how well can this coach teach?” is often just as important of a question as “how well can this coach play?”, which is why it was exactly the question we were looking to answer when taking advantage of Upswing Poker’s $7 Introductory Rate and signed up to test-drive their Postflop Gameplan package (formerly known as the Postflop Engine).

upswing poker review doug polk

But before we begin, a little perspective: at a price of only $7, even the lowest-stake poker player only needs to invest a few buyins at most to access Upswing Poker’s PostFlop Gameplan and will undoubtedly gain its value back many times over, so cost should never be an deciding issue when considering joining Team Upswing.

With that said, let’s take a look at our Postflop Gameplan breakdown.

Upswing Poker’s Postflop Game Plan Review – What Can Be Improved

As already alluded to, at a $7 price-point we’re not going to be overly nit-picky about peripheral issues when getting coaching from some of the best poker players in the world. However, if there was one complaint to make about the viewing experience, it would definitely be that the annoying glitch on the Upswing Poker video player that would keep videos playing even after switching modules. This means that whenever a user is ready to move ahead in the lesson, they have to make sure to remember to turn off the player manually or it would continue to play as the next video began. All things considered, definitely not a huge issue, but something Upswing ought to look into regardless.

(UPDATE: The good people at Upswing Poker have reached out to us to let us know that this issue has now been investigated and resolved, thanks for looking out guys!)

Upswing Poker’s Postflop Game Plan Review – What We Liked

The flow of the material was really great and transitioned seamlessly between classroom-style written slides, video content (including videos from both Doug Polk and Ryan Fee), and illustrated hand examples tying theory and practice together in a manner that was incredibly easy to follow and, more importantly, internalize.

The explanations were clear, the videos added great value, and the presentation motivated us to continue clicking right through to the end.

upswing poker postflop game plan review doug polk

Upswing Poker’s Postflop Gameplan Review – What We Loved!

In our honest opinion, Upswing Poker could increase the cost of their PostFlop Game Plan by 10x and it would still offer incredible value to every aspiring poker player for one very simple reason: Mr. Doug Polk!

That’s because Doug’s 18-minute video, the heart of the Postflop Engine, might just be the best intro to poker strategy video we have ever seen!


The manner in which Doug breaks down the simple but powerful method he uses to analyze the strength of his holdings throughout each hand will help even the most inexperienced poker players instantly gain a better understanding of the exact types of hands to bet, check, or raise with on every single street. If you’re someone who sometimes struggles figuring out exactly which hands to bluff with, which ones to pot-control, and which ones to always bet for value, this video might just change your life!

Using a short live-play session to highlight his strategy, Doug perfectly illustrates the thought-process successful poker players go through each and every time they play a hand, and manages to do so in a way that is engaging, easy to follow, and will likely have you thinking about the game in a whole new light.

Considering it’s source and affordability, this video from Upswing Poker’s Postflop Gameplan could very well be the single most important video for recreational and aspiring poker professionals to watch! Of all time!

Upswing Poker Lab Review Doug Polk gto solver


Although we’ll reserve judgement on whether Doug Polk can teach poker as well as he can play it until we work our way through more of the Upswing Poker catalogue, if this first video is any indication, students of the game of poker have a lot to get excited about!

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