Upswing Poker Lab Review

After being thoroughly impressed by Doug Polk’s $19 PostFlop Gameplan in the first portion of our Upswing Poker review, we were excited to jump into the Upswing “Lab”, a stream-based lesson-plan platform that allows you to work your way through poker strategy modules such as “MTT Ranges”, “How To Play The River”, “Raise First-In Versus a 3bet” and “Live Poker”.

We’ll take a closer look at the various types of content found within those modules in a future post, but first let us get right down to it and explore the single most significant benefit to membership for the everyday poker player, as well as for the aspiring professional.

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For our money, regardless whether you are primarily a tournament or cash-game player, the Upswing Poker Lab’s hand-charts tool is an incredible intuitive way to quickly get caught up to speed in regards to which hands and ranges to play from every position, in nearly every common scenario.

And by the way, simply calling it hand “charts” does it a huge disservice, because while it may be true that in practice it is just a collection of charts, the way it is packaged and presented makes it so much more!

While most poker players have to make-due with ragged hand-charts half-glued to the side of their monitor, those who join the Doug Polk experience gain access to an amazing little tool that puts eighty 80 cash-game preflop charts, 80 online poker tournament charts, and 88 live poker charts at their fingertips while taking up less valuable screen real-estate than Skype!

Check out the video below from to see just how convenient Upswing Poker Lab’s hand-charts tool really is.

(Note: RFI stands for Raise-First-In, aka raise when nobody has entered the pot yet).

While it is not recommended that you do so for reasons we’ll discuss in a second, you could theoretically have one of the world’s best players’ preflop ranges at your fingertips every single hand you play.

Not sure which hands to 3-bet with from the button versus a cutoff open? BAM! Doug Polk’s got you…

upswing poker lab review


Wanna know what the pros do with 63s in the Big Blind against a Small-Blind raise. BAM! Doug Polk’s here to let you know…


upswing poker lab review

Simply scroll to the appropriate situation and suddenly there’s a little mini-Doug on your shoulder whispering sweet poker-nothings in your ear.

What a time to be alive, right?

BUT, and it’s a big but, as Doug himself explains in the introduction to the ranges sections, these ranges should only be starting reference points for developing your game. Real poker playing requires adjusting your hand-ranges based on a variety of factors such as stack-sizes, opponent-types and stage of a tournament (to name just a few). To think you could simply follow a set of poker hand charts, regardless of who made them, and be able to instantly print cash money is…unrealistic, to say the least. The real value of the hand-charts is not so much in memorizing or following them to a T, but rather in using them to explore how one of the best players in the game devises his ranges and plans his overall poker strategy.

By referencing these charts you’ll be able to use your deductive reasoning skills to figure out exactly what sorts of hands you should be adding when trying to widen your ranges and in which order to eliminate hands when trying to tighten them. Of course, if you are a seasoned professional who’s already worked hard on creating ranges you are 100% comfortable with then there may not be as much value in it for you (though it definitely couldn’t hurt to compare your ranges to the ranges of a player of Doug’s caliber), but if you have not yet done so, or are not sure if the ranges you play are optimal, Upswing Poker’s hand-charts tool will undoubtedly revolutionize your game and turbo-charge your growth as a player.

And remember, all this is before you even get into the actual strategy content itself! Pretty sick deal for just $41/month, wouldn’t you say?!

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