If you’ve already read our Advanced Heads Up Mastery review or PLO University review, you likely already know just how valuable the Upswing Poker premium strategy courses can be. That’s why we’ve decided to treat this Tournament Master Class review less like a “review” in the traditional sense of looking at whether it’s good or bad (spoiler alert: it’s good! duh!), and more as a way to determine exactly how each of the following 4 player-types – World Class Tournament Players, Tournament Regs, Non-Tournament Regs, and Recreational Players – can gain the most value from Upswing Poker’s Tournament Master Class.

Tournament Master Class Review: World Class Tournament Players

Clearly, it’s difficult to gauge the value of a strategy pack to a World Class Player without ever having been one, but what is clear is that when playing at the stakes where a single hand played optimally can add big zeros to your bottom-line, misjudging the line between confidence and arrogance in one’s abilities could prove to be incredibly costly.

As admitted outsiders looking in, it appears as though regardless of how hard you’ve worked, or how confident you are in your game, the opportunity for an inside look into the mindset and strategic approach of Pratyush Buddiga, a Doug Polk protege and tournament crusher who recently finished in 6th place at Aria’s Super HighRoller event for $1,000,000, is one that ought to be grabbed with zero hesitation. Because, with all due respect to all the talented tournament players out there,  it’s hard to imagine listening to one of the best MTT players on the planet break down his tournament strategy for over 30 hours – including 7 videos featuring Doug Polk and 2 featuring Upswing Poker co-founder Ryan Fee – without being able to immediately add some edge to your game. And if that’s true, the value of the Tournament Master Class speaks for itself.

Upswing Poker Tournament Master Class review doug polk

Best Module For World Class Players 
Displayed above, the 7-part hand-history review of Doug’s 10K WCOOP runner-up finish, which features 5 videos with Pratyush Buddiga & Doug Polk and 2 with Doug Polk & Ryan Fee, is likely going to be one of the most illuminating sections of the course for many players, world-class or not. The level of depth and insight that all three coaches showcase while dissecting common tournament scenarios is truly inspiring. Our suspicion is that, much like the heads-up match between WCGRider & Sauce123, this module will likely become a crowd favorite amongst students of the game.

Tournament Master Class Review: Tournament Regs

While the value of the Tournament Master Class is perhaps undefined when it comes to World Class Tournament Players, it could not possibly be any clearer for the next 3 tiers of Tournament players.

That’s because anyone who has not yet reached the highest echelon of tournament players but makes a living (or is attempting to) from tournament poker now has the opportunity to get the type of coaching people pay literally thousands of dollars per hour for at a fraction of the cost. Because, if live-streams have proven anything over the past couple of years is that there’s no player out there who doesn’t have room for growth in their game (bang bang!). That’s why being one of the players who is continually working to build layers upon layers of poker skills into their game is a crucial element of maximizing one’s likelihood of success in today’s ultra competitive poker landscape.

By taking part in a course such as the Tournament Master Class, which covers the full spectrum of tournament poker strategy, motivated tournament regulars can seek out the exact area where they feel least confident in – be it preflop, postflop, mindset, or on the final table bubble – and use Pratyush, Doug, and Ryan’s vast poker experience to devise an optimal strategy for each specific situation.

tournament master class review upswing poker mtt pratyush buddiga doug polk ryan fee strategy

Best Module For Tournament Regs

An engaging combination of hand-history reviews and theory-based instructionals, the 8-part Play & Explain module, which includes a complete analysis of Pratyush Buddiga’s own runner-up finish in a Party Poker $5,000 Tournament, sees Pratyush breaking down some of the most valuable situation in poker including calling 3bets both in and out of position, playing on the money bubble, and setting oneself up for top 3 potential through the final 2 tables.

Perhaps the best part of this module is that while the Party Poker tournament is examined in a traditional hand-history format, during the 3-betting section displayed above, Pratyush showcases hands from his own database where he found himself in this exact situation (calling a 3bet both in and out of position) and discusses both the theoretical and practical ramifications of each particular spot. Not only is the content itself valuable, but the way Pratyush analyzes his own play and makes mental corrections of plays he believes were suboptimal is a great example of the work that needs to be put in off the table.

Tournament Master Class Review: Non-Tournament Regs

Whether transitioning from cash-games, sit and gos, or live tournaments, players who already possess solid poker fundamentals will likely find the Tournament Master Class to be an incredibly smooth transition to multi-table poker tournament strategy. One reason for this is that within the content, Pratyush discusses common population tendencies (simply explained, what most people do in a certain scenario) and explores the strategic approach to defending against them. Learning how each unique population plays is one of the first challenges to transitioning game-formats and is the gateway to the majority of strategic adjustments that follow it. Pratyush also examines a common difficulty for inexperienced tournament players, calling 3bets, with a 2-part video exploring the scenario both in and out of position that is sure to add a ton of value for Non-Tournament Regs.

Best Module For Non-Tournament Regs 

Aside from the 3-betting section mentioned above, the robust 22-part postflop section is where Non-Tournament Regs will really get their money’s worth.

upswing poker tournament master class review pratyush buddiga doug polk strategy postflopFlop C-bets on all sorts of board textures…

Facing donk bets…

Check-raising the turn…

Playing rivers after turn check…

The depth of analysis in the postflop module does a incredible job not just of transmitting information, but of demonstrating just how well-rounded tournament players need to be to succeed in 2017!

Tournament Master Class Review: Recreational Players

For recreational players, the immediate value of receiving tournament strategy from one of the best in the game is obvious. Knowing what hands to play from each position, understanding how to check-raise profitably, learning how to approach drawing situations, these are all scenarios that are, of course, critical for non-professionals to explore. However, by ensuring higher-level concepts such as backdoor-equity, blockers, and range-advantage are ingrained into the very foundation of their overall strategy, as they are in the Tournament Master Class, hard-working Recreational Players will likely find themselves with a significant edge over their peers.

As added value, the Tournament Master Class also offers recreational players an opportunity to look into the mindset of a top professional, with Pratyush finding opportunities to discuss his approach to dealing with running bad and overcoming adversity at the poker table, a critical skill-set for long-term success.

All things considered, Pratyush Buddiga’s Tournament Master Class is far and away the most efficient way for recreational players to get caught up to current poker tournament concepts, ideas, and strategies, and begin working towards becoming a serious contender themselves!

Best Module For Recreational Players. 
All of them, obviously!

Controversy & The Cherry On Top


While exploring the Tournament Master Class we noticed one notable omission to the course: 3-betting! In fact, the lack of a section on 3-betting (as the preflop-raiser) seemed so strange that our first guess was that the section had accidentally ended up on the cutting-room floor. Fortunately, the cherry on top of the Tournament Master Class – the private Facebook group available exclusively to students of the course – was there for the rescue! After discovering the glaring omission, some of the students took to the group to voice their concerns, which was quickly supported by rest of the group. The consummate professionals, both Pratyush and Doug immediately took time out of their day, literally while playing high-roller tournaments for millions of dollars, to acknowledge the mistake, vow to rectify it immediately, and even asked for additional content suggestions to bring the course’s students more value. In a world where customer satisfaction is the name of the game, the guys at Upswing Poker continue to prove just how dedicated they are to giving students of the game their money’s worth!

* (Update June 15/17 – The missing module has now been added to the course)

In addition to the benefit of providing direct access to its coaches, the Facebook group has recently taken on a life of its own, with players exchanging hand-made charts, hand-history advice, and general poker discussion. And best of all, some days you just wake up to news like this…

tournament master class review facebook group upswing poker pratyush buddiga

Just as with both the Advanced Heads Up Mastery and PLO University courses, we suspect the dedicated Facebook group will add substantial value to the Tournament Master Class long after all the video content has been consumed, so if you’re ready to begin working your way up the poker-tournament ladder, the Tournament Master Class & Facebook group seems like an incredible place to start!

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