If you’re a poker player who’s never used a Heads-Up Display (or HUD) such as PokerTracker 4 before, the following information may just blow your mind. That’s because in 2018 it has become paramount for aspiring poker players to invest in a good HUD in order to stand a chance against the highly-skilled and highly-informed opponents that exist in every single online poker tournament. The Heads Up Display offers a wide cross-sections of statistics about each player at the table that will undoubtedly help aspiring poker pros make better decisions in difficult situations.

With that said, let’s take a look at 4 reasons tournament players must use PokerTracker 4 in 2018.

#1 PokerTracker 4 will help you exploit your opponents

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Imagine you’re in the middle of a busy Sunday poker session with 8 tournaments (or more!) running across PartyPoker and Americas Cardroom, and suddenly you’re involved in a big hand. As you dedicate the necessary time and attention to ensuring you don’t bust in a huge pot, PT4 silently tracks the happenings at the 7 other tables that you would most likely have missed, having already folded your own hands at each. Since this will continue to occur time after time throughout each tournament, it doesn’t take long for PT4 to collect enough information on your opponents for it to play a vital role in your decision-making process in a future hand. By relying on the HUD to help make important decisions rather than trusting whatever process is at play when our brains tells us something like “this guy seems too aggressive, I’m going to try bluff him”, we can use real data and make as informed and unbiased of a decision as possible.

#2 NoteTracker will turn you into a note-taking ninja

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Included with PokerTracker is an automatic note taking tool appropriately named NoteTracker, which can automatically add specific notes to the HUD for each opponent you face. Notetracker will allow you to keep a record of your opponents’ tendencies in common Preflop & Postflop scenarios, while also offering you the ability to create your own custom notes.

Having prewritten automatic notes on each of your opponents will allow you to keep track of the happenings at each of your tables without having to spend valuable time trying to analyse various HUD statistics.

#3 Custom HUDs will take your game to the next level

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Although you can most definitely use one of the various built-in Heads Up Displays that come available with PokerTracker 4, or spend hours upon hours crafting your own life-changing HUD, by far the best bang for your buck is investing in a premade custom HUD like the beautiful ones built by industry leader ProPokerHuds.

From font styles, opacity levels, panel-sizes and useful pop-up panels, there are a near-infinite ways to customize a HUD depending on the game-type and preference of each player. Not only do the ProPokerHuds include both standard and premium statistics covering nearly every trackable variable, but it does so in a compact and flexible layout that includes intuitive color-coding that will help you locate your opponents’ weaknesses in the blink of an eye.

#4 PokerTracker Reviews and Reports

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Equally as important as the real-time information you gain at the table when using a Heads Up Display are the powerful tools included within the PokerTracker 4 client such as the customizable hand-replayer that will help you review your sessions while providing you with the key statistics you may have missed the first time around, as well as the Reporting tab where you can drill deep into the data and explore your strengths and weaknesses within each specific situation such as, for example, when calling 3-bets out of position. Due to its ease of use and effectiveness at analyzing the exact area that you’re struggling with, Pokertracker 4 review-sessions often make up a significant portion of a poker player’s work away from the table and are an invaluable part of the poker coaching process.

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As you can begin to see, the use of a Heads Up Display has gone from luxury to necessity in 2018. So, for those who may be resistant to such a program’s influence over the purity of the game, the good news is that by using a HUD such as PokerTracker 4, you can begin to reveal your own weaknesses to yourself while exploring ways in which you can exploit those same weaknesses in your opponents.

Because while it may seem like a brand new world out there for poker purists, opportunity always rewards those willing to forgo their resistance and put in the work!

Are you in?

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