live boeree antonio esfandiari poker tilt

If you’ve spent enough time immersed in the World Series Of Poker you’ve likely witnessed the fascinating phenomenon where the very same people who make a living out of hiding their tells inexplicably lose all facial control the instant their opponents flip over a winning hand. Research confirms that during these moments the professional poker player is unable to withstand the surging feelings of shock, horror, and disgust and are left defenseless against otherwise completely controllable muscular contraction impulses.

However, not all reactions are created equal; players who suffer from this apparently incurable condition – dubbed Passive-Aggressive Poker Face by the board of poker-science (hashtag #papf) – will manifest the disease in a wide variety of looks.

To help you diagnose this facially-debilitating illness ahead of the 2017 WSOP Main Event (enter the $625,000 WSOP Satellite) we’ve enlisted the help of some of the world’s best poker players to model the full spectrum of each variation of the Passive-Aggressive Poker Face and educate you on the horrors you may witness at the poker table.

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