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Presenting Jackpot Poker Charts!

You asked for it, we delivered: Jackpot Sit and Go Charts. Whether you’re playing on Pokerstars, Americas Cardroom, Party Poker or elsewhere, our Jackpot Poker charts were created to help you develop a solid foundation for any short-handed hyperturbo tournament.

The Jackpot Sit & Go Blueprint is a set of preflop charts created by  High-Stakes Heads-Up Professional and former Jackpot Poker crusher CaptnKrnch. Having moved up from the $100 Jackpot poker games to dominating the $300-$1000 Heads-Up Turbo games on PokerStars, CaptnKrnch presents a set of charts that will cover every single common preflop scenario including:

  • BTN Open Ranges
  • BTN Limp Ranges
  • SB guidelines against a BTN raise.
  • SB guidelines against a BTN limp.
  • SB guidelines first in (BTN folds).
  • BB guidelines against a BTN raise.
  • BB guidelines against a BTN limp.
  • BB guidelines against a SB raise.
  • BB guidelines against a SB limp.


All in all, the Jackpot Sit & Go Blueprint includes TWENTY-TWO JACKPOT POKER CHARTS from one of the hardest working grinders in the game, hand-crafted through countless hours of meticulous equity calculations and play at the highest-stakes.

Whether you want to completely revamp your Jackpot SNG strategy or simply gain insight into how a high-stakes poker professional composes his Jackpot poker ranges, this collection of hand-charts is just what you’re looking for so click on the image below and use our Jackpot Poker charts to take your Jackpot Poker strategy to a whole new level!