ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach Review

If you’ve been playing poker seriously for a while, particularly Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments or Heads-Up Hyperturbo SNGs, you’ve likely already heard of ICMIZER, a powerful poker study tool used by poker players of all skill-levels.

ICMIZER is widely considered to be one of the best piece of poker training software on the market.

Having recently released its second iteration, ICMIZER 2 – which ushers in the game-changing addition of SNG Coach – ICMIZER has managed not only to help poker players maximize the time they spend “in the lab”, but has turned the often tedious process of developing a strong understanding of push/fold ranges into a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Because regardless of how beneficial we know poker study to be, many players continue to struggle with finding the motivation to sit down and spend hours upon hours running valuable but unglamorous, equity calculations.

However, thanks to the introduction of ICMIZER’s SNG Coach, plugging your poker push/fold strategy and ICM leaks has literally never been more fun!


ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach Review – Poker Equity Calculator

At the heart of ICMIZER lies its aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate poker hand equity calculator, an intuitive tool that makes finding mathematically-based solutions to every push/fold scenario an absolute breeze.

Simply input the details of the hand (or paste a complete hand history with the click of a button), set your opponents’ hand-ranges and you’ll instantly know whether your shove on the bubble was the right move to make.

  • Don’t know how wide to shove on the button with 8 Big-Blinds?
    • click > click > click > now you know.
  • Not sure how wide to call against an extreme-shortstack’s open-shove blind-versus-blind?
    • click > click > click > now you’re sure.
  • Uncertain which hands make good bluff-shoves against your opponent’s limping range?
    • click > click > click > now you’re certain.

ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach Review – Hand History Replayer

A new addition to the ICMIZER program, the Replayer is a sleek-looking program for replaying Holdem hands you’ve played in tournaments. The key advantage of ICMIZER 2 Replayer is that it shares the same list of hands with ICMIZER. Thanks to this shared list you can forward hands from Replayer to ICMIZER to analyze them, or send a hand back from ICMIZER to Replayer to review how the hand progressed.

ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach Review – The Main Event

By far the most exciting feature of ICMIZER 2, SNG Coach combines the thrill of an exciting video-game with the benefits of spending hours upon hours working on improving your poker push/fold strategy.

From the ICMIZER website:

SNG Coach is the much-anticipated program using a realistic game setting and ICM quizzes to help you master Push/Fold play. Covering all of the different aspects of Push/Fold, SNG Coach provides truly personalized training and answers the key questions you would ask a real coach: “What areas should I work on?” and “How should I work on those areas?”.

The Coach shows your current proficiency across a range of skill zones so you can decide what areas to focus on next. Unlike the quizzes you may have seen before, SNG Coach adapts to your skill level. By tailoring question difficulty to the player’s level, it can be equally effective for a novice or a pro.”

To watch the ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach in action, check out the preview below, which showcases a study session consisting of Jackpot Sit and Go Small-Blind and Button strategy, as well as Heads-Up Hyperturbo strategy.

For a more in-depth look at how to use ICMIZER 2 to improve your Jackpot Sit and Go Strategy check out the following full-length tutorial from pro poker coach Aze Gallo.

As you can tell, when it comes to working on your overall poker strategy, there is very little that ICMIZER 2 can’t do.

If you’re ready to take your poker study-game to the next level take ICMIZER 2 out for a test-drive by clicking below.


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