With the 2018-2019 NBA and NHL seasons firmly in the rear-view mirror, NFL season still a few months away, and wild MLB action continuing to prove why it’s the toughest league to handicap, sports-bettors have been thirsting for action harder than Stephen A Smith during an interview segment. And although the WNBA and CFL have both been offering solid early-season value, with so few games on the schedule, bettors used to around-the-clock action are forced to look for additional leagues to fill gaps in the action.

Fortunately, this week marks the beginning of the third season of the Big3 basketball league, the 3-on-3 NBA/Streetball-hybrid from the brain of Ice Cube that very few people expected to see a second season, let alone a third. And while the prospects of its long-term success remain up in the air, there is no denying that the league is beginning to gain some serious traction, with 4 new teams and a whole host of former NBA players joining the league in 2019. But most importantly to sports-bettors, with the league still in its infancy and historical data difficult to come-by, this may be one of the few places where serious fans can still hold an edge over the books.

With that said, having only watched a handful of games over the first couple of season, I am most definitely not one of those fans…


That’s why, for this first Big3 Basketball Blog, I’ll be taking a very lighthearted approach and making betting “predictions” (guesses) based on nothing more than team-rosters, while familiarizing myself with the league and beginning to work towards building actual edge. So please, make sure to take everything below with a grain of salt and  never risk more than 1-2% of your total betting bankroll on any one matchup.

With that said, let’s take a look at the action for Sunday, June 23.

Big3 Betting Preview Matchup #1 – Triplets vs Aliens

The first team in the 2019 BIG3 Expansion, the powerful-looking Triplets will be led by 7-time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson, 14-year NBA veteran Al Jefferson, and 4x Olympic Gold Medalist Lisa Leslie as head coach. And while the rest of the Triplets roster is a little thin for my liking, they do appear to hold a significant talent advantage over fellow expansion-team, the Nate Archibald coached Aliens, who feature a roster with former NBA players Shannon Brown, Kendrick Perkins, Greg Oden, and Ryan ‘horrible takes‘ Hollins.

So while a simple eye-test is rarely reliable enough to base a bet on, this week it will have to do, with the Triplets taking the first such honor. Fortunately, this edge appears to have some confirmation from Vegas, who have the Triplets listed as -130 favorites (all lines care of Bovada).

Big3 basketball betting preview

“EDGE”: Triplets ML

Big3 Betting Preview Matchup #2 – Tri State Vs Killer 3s

Voted the matchup most likely to end in a homicide (voting panel made up entirely by me), Sunday’s Main Event features teams made up of the following. Are you ready for this?

Amar’e Stoudemire, Jermaine O’Neal, Nate Robinson, and Bonzi Wells on one side versus Stephen Jackson, the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, and head-coach Charles Oakley on the other!

I haven’t seen a lineup this explosive since the last time I looked at a McDonald’s menu.

But as much as I’d like to go all-in on the pairing of Jackson, Oakley, and Metta World Peace out of pure unadulterated delight, the stacked Tri State team – who also happens to be coached by one of the greatest of all time, Mr. Julius Erving – appears to have a significant edge in this one, as is evident by their -140 betting line, making them the biggest favorites on today’s schedule (updated lines at the bottom of this post).

Big3 basketball betting preview week 1
“EDGE”: Tri State ML

Big3 Betting Preview Matchup #3 – Ball Hogs Vs. Ghost Ballers

Rounding out this epic lineup of Sunday basketball action, we have the only coinflip on the betting schedule with the GOAT Brian Scalabrine-led Ball Hogs taking on baby GOAT Mike Bibby and the Ghost Ballers in a matchup that sees both teams listed as -120 pick’ems.

Once again, thanks to having no in-depth knowledge of this league (yet), we’re going to need to rely solely on the eye-test to deduce a personal favorite between two teams who finished with identically impressive 1-7 records last season. And while most recreational-bettors will likely want to side with meme-god Brain Scalabrine and 3-point sharpshooter DeShawn Stevenson, as a Vancouverite still longing for the return of the Grizzlies, I’m going to have to give the edge to the player whose game I know best (and whose poster remains hanging on my adult sister’s wall to this very day): Mr. Mike Bibby. Why? I just told you: the poster. You weren’t expecting any high-level analysis by this point, were you?

Big3 basketball betting preview week 1

“EDGE”: The LOLs

That’s it for today, bet safe out there and make sure to DM me on Instagram for an invite to our free sports-betting community on Discord, where 250 members are talking picks and strategies around the clock.

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