An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence In Poker

With AI technology progressing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, the idea of artificial intelligence overtaking entire industries no longer feels like some far-fetched science fiction story. Because while we may have not yet reached Will Smith movie levels of AI progress, scientists around the world are making incredible progress and are constantly experiencing breakthroughs that drive forward the entire field. In fact, low-level AI has already infiltrated our day to day lives in the form of Siri and Alexa, which assist millions of people around the world and Tesla’s AI-based self-driving cars, which has brought the dreams of so many past science-fiction writers to reality.

But what about Artificial Intelligence as it relates to poker? Could an AI supercomputer best some of the world’s best poker players in such a complex imperfect game? Well, as it turns out the answer is a resounding YES, with the infamous Libratus having beat 4 of the world’s best poker players, including heads-up legend Doug Polk in decisive fashion, leading to the creation of Brains vs AI Challenge: Libratus Analysis course, which can be purchased on Upswing Poker now.

To learn all about the history of poker and AI check out the detailed infographic below care of Pokersites and let us know what you think the rise of AI means for the future of online poker.

Infographic – Artificial Intelligence In Poker

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